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Andrew’s cow

21 Apr

For vets (especially those in the rural areas)  a “normal day at the office” is an alien concept. Every day is normally completely UNpredictable. Maybe that is part of the joy of our job. This specific day in March 1999 was just another “normal” unpredictable day when a call came through to go see to […]

Flea-allergic dermatitis

26 Sep

The most common flea related problem we see in practice is skin allergies triggered by fleas on your pet. Some dogs are extremely sensitive to flea saliva, resulting in continuous pruritis (itching) following even a single fleabite, with resultant skin diseases. In our area the problem is exacerbated by atopic allergies and pruritis especially in […]

Ticks and fleas

29 Aug
ticks on dog

External parasites TICKS Ticks on family pets is a serious problem in the Western Cape. The life cycle of ticks usually follows the weather patterns i.e. increased tick infestations usually follow rainy weather. In the Highveld region it is therefore usually a problem associated with summer. In the Western Cape however, ticks occur throughout the […]

Surgical Care

20 Aug

The Wellington Animal Hospital Group provides a wide range of surgical procedures.     Our preventative surgery entails population and disease control through surgical sterilisation of all companion animals – ranging from cats and dogs to exotic pets such as rodents, primates and reptiles. Emergency obstetrics are also dealt with on a 24-hour basis. Other […]