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Bandage care

02 Oct

When your pet is discharged with a bandage, please keep the following information in mind. The bandage has a very important function to fulfill and therefore needs proper care in order to accomplish that function. The function of bandages: Prevent swelling Relieve pain Decrease/stop bleeding Immobilise the limb in the case of a fracture Keep […]

Post-surgical instructions

29 Aug

  Your pet will probably be weak and groggy after surgery. Do not let him/her get too excited. Provide small amounts of food and water until your pet has fully recovered from the anaesthetic. Too much food and water can lead to an upset stomach or vomition. Limit your pet’s exercise. Climbing stairs, jumping or […]

Surgical Care

20 Aug

The Wellington Animal Hospital Group provides a wide range of surgical procedures.     Our preventative surgery entails population and disease control through surgical sterilisation of all companion animals – ranging from cats and dogs to exotic pets such as rodents, primates and reptiles. Emergency obstetrics are also dealt with on a 24-hour basis. Other […]