Pet food:

Our branches stock a wide variety of super premium and premium brand foods for you dogs and cats. The foods are balanced in order to ensure superior nutrition and thus contributes to the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Leads and harnesses:

We have a variety of leads, harnesses and collars available to suit you and your pet’s needs.

Skin care:

Our branches stock different shampoos and supplements for your pet’s skin. This ranges from products for just keeping them looking their best to treating certain skin disorders.


We have a wide variety of products available for treatment of tick and flea infestations and worms. We also stock some over the counter medicines for the treatment of certain mild conditions like diarrhoea, hairballs and arthritis.

Toys and beds:

We have a wide variety of toys available for dogs and cats. We also have different beds available for all shapes and sizes so that they can sleep in comfort.


We stock treats for your pet that can be used to encourage chewing, keep them occupied and reward them during training sessions.

Farmlands is a branch of WAHG which offers a personalised veterinary service to help producers of production animals to increase their bottom line.

We work closely alongside our customers and colleagues from around the world to stay abreast of the latest challenges and best practices for production animal farming.

Our goal is to save the farmer money in the long run by providing quality, personal service and tried and tested advice on animal health and production issues. We identify potential problem areas unique to every facility to limit risk and save money in the long run.

We have proven that through proper planning, unbiased advice and personalised service, we can help you increase production, lower risk and raise your earnings.

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